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The Fox Model FT2 Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter measures two important process variables in one rugged instrument. The Model FT2 measures gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature or pressure compensation.

It provides isolated 4 to 20 mA and pulse outputs for flow rate and a 4 to 20 mA output for process gas temperature. The pulse output is normally used for totalization.

The Model FT2 insertion meter is easily installed by drilling a 3/4" hole in the pipe and welding on a 3/4" NPT coupling. A Fox supplied compression fitting secures the probe in place.

The Model FT2 is supplied with 316 stainless steel wetted materials standard or Hastelloy C-276 as an option. RS232 for connecting a Palm Handheld or computer is standard. Interface options include RS422/RS485-Modbus, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet or Ethernet Modbus TCP.