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The Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a next-generation, portable ultrasonic meter utilizing transit time technology for the non-invasive measurement of flow rates in pipes. This compact and light-weight instrument offers high performance and easy operation.

Utilizing the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies, the Fuji Electric Portaflow-C offers high accuracy, quick response time, and outstanding anti-bubble characteristics. In addition to standard flow measurements, the Portaflow-C is

capable of heat quantity measurement allowing simple management for heating and cooling applications.

The Fuji Electric Portaflow-C can be used with various types of detectors applicable for small to large diameter pipe (φ13 to φ6000mm/ φ0.5 to φ236") and low to high temperature (−40 to +200°C). This flow meter is designed for 12 hours of continuous operation with its own built-in battery which is rechargeable in 3 hours with the supplied power adapter. An SD memory card allows flow, velocity and total data to be stored for later recall. A universal USB port permits communication with a PC to facilitate configuring the Portaflow-C as well as saving and reading data files. A 4.7 inch color graphic display creates an easy-to-use operator interface.

Some of the most common applications of the Fuji Portaflow-C ultrasonic flow meter include: backup for an already installed flow meter system, water supply and sewage treatment, flow measurement systems, boilerwater / feedwater supplies, cooling water, cooling oil, and deionized water for semiconductor manufacturing, among others.

Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters – Technology Explained

Transit Time ultrasonic flow meters are well-suited for relatively clean fluids with low to moderate aeration. These meters operate by comparing the time for an ultrasonic signal to travel with the flow (downstream) against the time for an ultrasonic signal to travel against the flow (upstream). The difference between these transit times is proportional to the flow, and the flow meter converts this information to flow rate and total. With this technology, the transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe, providing tremendous advantages over more traditional and invasive flow measurement instruments such as magmeters, vortex meters, and turbine flow meters. These benefits include no system downtime for installation, no system contamination, no pressure drop, no moving parts, and no risk of leaks. This product is virtually maintenance free.