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Featured in this section are plastic body ORP (REDOX) electrode bodies constructed of epoxy.

Only high grade platinum is utilized for outstanding performance. Both rod and band technology are available.

Gold and silver are available as alternate sensing noble metals.

Double junction models are available for more demanding applications where they are required. Other models for low ionic samples, samples containing HF acid and highly aggressive samples, are available.

Flat Tip, Extended Tip, or Band Designs

Several types of constructions are available. Our standard S500C-ORP features a polished flat platinum rod design. Our extended tip model provides more surface area for applications such as very low chlorine levels. Larger diameter polished and extended rod models are available as well as band style design.
Construction Options
Gold and silver models are available as an option. Glass body construction is available if required. Contact Sensorex for further details.
Lab ORP Electrodes
All electrodes are combination types and are available with single or double junction references. Choose double junction for protection and extended life when used in samples containing proteins, sulfides, heavy metals, and other types of materials that interact with silver. Quality ORP (REDOX) combination electrodes are available with polished rods, extended tips, or bands. Standard models feature premium grade platinum as the noble measuring metal. Sensorex ORP electrodes are available in multiple configurations. All models feature premium grade platinum and plastic bodies constructed of epoxy. Single and double junction references are available. Separate ORP 1/2 cells are still available as a special order if required.
Polished Rod
Our most popular model, the S500C-ORP, is available in a single or double junction configuration. It is good to use for most general ORP measurements. Choose single or double junction design.
Extended Tip
The extended tip is the ideal choice for very low sanitizer detection levels. Choose single or double junction design. A band choice for users who prefer common band type or require maximum surface area is available. Choose single or double junction design. Our new S150C-ORP model is a cost effective option available in single junction only.
Platinum is the ideal measuring noble metal; however, when measuring cyanide, gold is preferred.