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Our laboratory conductivity sensors feature Graphite or Platinum ring technology. Durable epoxy body construction provides a rugged and dependable sensor for portable and laboratory use. Available cell constants are k=0.1, k=1.0 and k=10.0. All of these conductivity cells can be supplied with or without ATC elements for automatic temperature compensation.

Low cost

High Quality Sensorex conductivity sensors are suitable for use with most portable conductivity meters. Add a simple mounting gland fitting, and you can use these in process applications. Mount them in-line, in a pipe "T" fitting, or submerse them into a tank.

Our general purpose models

Our general purpose models CS150 and CS150TC feature graphite measuring elements and the same durable epoxy body. For many applications, this is the lowest cost and the most reliable conductivity sensor to use especially for process or portable applications.

Models CS200 and CS200TC

Models CS200 and CS200TC feature dual platinum rings. These surfaces provide accurate and repeatable measurements. Rugged epoxy bodies make them virtually unbreakable during their long life span. These are an excellent choice for your laboratory standard conductivity sensor.

Always specify the cell constant needed for your application when ordering a conductivity sensor. The standard available K values are 0.1, 1.0, and 10. If the temperature of your systems changes a lot over time, consider ordering the "TC" models and specify the ATC element type with your order.

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