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The performance of calomel electrodes is now available without the hazardous mercury associated with the design. The “Calomel Free” design features an Ag/AgCl based double junction reference with a unique silver ion trap acting as a third junction to impede any silver ion contact with the sample. Reference output is adjusted to deliver the same output as a calomel electrode using a silver chloride reference. As with all other Sensorex laboratory pH electrodes, the Calomel Free pH electrodes are supplied with a soaker storage bottle or soaker cap to make them instantly ready for use.

Electrodes are interchangeable with almost every make and model meter con the market today.

Combination or Separate Half Cells

The vast majority of pH electrodes purchased today are combination types. A combination electrode features a pH measuring cell and a reference cell in a single body. Separate reference half cells are also available.

Sealed Reference - Protected Bulb

Our plastic body combination pH electrodes feature sealed gel-filled, as well as refillable references. All of these models protect the sensitive measuring bulb by recessing it within the skirt of the body.

Choose Your Model

Our most popular model, the S200CIT, is 12mm dia x 150mm L size and is virtually unbreakable! Several models are available to meet your length and diameter requirements.