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pHASE electrodes, unlike standard electrodes, provide fast, accurate, and stable pH measurements even with large sample temperature changes. pHASE electrodes are the ideal choice for quality control and R&D use. All pHASE electrodes are combination types with built-in double junction references. This feature prevents the silver ions in the electrode from contacting product samples. Undesirable reaction with heavy metals, sulfides, and proteins are prevented. pHASE electrodes are available with Sealed or Rapid-Renew built in reference half-cell designs.

Economical Sealed Designs

Sealed designs are the most economical and are useful in a broad range of applications. They are the easiest to use, and they minimize maintenance.

Rapid-Renew Refillable Electrodes

Rapid-Renew designs are refillable. They are most useful with dirty or other samples that cause junction fouling. A simple push of a spring loaded top cap (just like clicking a pen,) opens the sleeve junction to instantly provide a fresh junction. To simplify filling, we have designed a twist-seal re-fill valve. Like a miniature ball-valve, a quarter turn opens (or closes) the hole's leak tight "O" ring seal. The need for awkward sleeves and threaded plugs is eliminated.

Body Material Choices

pHASE electrodes are available with either plastic or glass 12mm body construction. Plastic designs have excellent chemical resistance and feature a removable bulb guard. Glass designs have maximum chemical resistance and feature exposed ruggedized bulbs. For further information and specifications, download the PDF on this page.