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Capacitance Level Switch SA & MEC Series


The capacitance level switch measuring principle is based on the "capacitance effects". When this level switch is set on a silo, it will form a condenser between the detector electrode and the silo wall. The capacitance of this condenser varies proportional to the change of material specific inductivity (DK value) of the material stored in the silo. When the material substances increased in the silo, the capacitance value added simultaneously, then it will let his interior circuit's resonant signal to create a

bigger amplitude, and such a signal amplitude become more or less than factory default threshold value, the relay device will be energized. The capacitance value increases as the dielectric increases. Therefore capacitance is proportional to dielectric. When tank is empty, the dielectric of air is 1. As a tank is filled with medium, the amount of capacitance being generated will be increased. This capacitance increase will be detected by the circuit and relay will be activated.


As Capacitance Level Switch has no moving parts inside the device, it will not be affected by friction. It is suitable for powder or liquid application easy to install. The customer can choose the types for his requirements.