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Cable Float Level Switch FA, FAPW & FARC Series


The Float Level Switch is made of chemical resistant polypropylene. It is durable, low-cost, and specially designed to solve the long range, multi-points level detection in liquid and liquid with pump or granule instances.


  • FAC: Suitable for pump control
  • FAR/ P / D/ E: Suitable for pump control in waste weater with low Specific Gravity.
  • FAS: High temperature
  • FAL/ J: Clean water, and installation with small process connection.
  • It is suggested to apply Reed Switch contact model in PLC or DCS control.
    The Cable Float Level Switch is simple- structured by using micro switch or proximity switch or reed switch to control the contact and it is user-friendly designed for level measurement. The switches will send out ON or OFF contact signal output when the floating angle is larger than a certain degree where the state of the iron ball and reed switch will be changed for actuation. For different temperature of waste water &application, the materials of the float can be chosen from plastic to stainless steel. The cable float level switch not only can be used in clear liquid but also can be used in granular liquid to control the detection of long distance and multi-point contacts. Mostly the cable float level switch is applied in petrochemical industry, chemical industry and other related industry.