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The GEMU 3021 intelligent flow transmitter can be used for measuring liquid inert and corrosive aqueous media. The keypad at the front of the unit enables simple setting of measurement units, required display values etc.


  • High-resolution turbine flow measurement
  • Medium wetted parts in plastic, sapphire and ceramics
  • Totalizer type (flow counter)
  • Frequency/Current output signals
  • Reset input for resetting the accumulated flow rate
  • Batch controller type (dosing function)
  • 2x relay outputs
  • 1x binary output for batch end
  • 2x binary inputs for selecting batches
  • 1x binary input as start signal
  • Extremely low pressure loss


  • Easy operation via keypad
  • Process adaptable
  • Short inlet and outlet distances
  • Freely scalable measurement range
  • Integrated flow rectifier