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GEMU C31 HPW Hydra-Sensor Pressure Transmitter


The GEMU C31 Hydra-Sensor pressure measurement device is equipped with a pressure transmitter. The body is made from PFA and can be directly integrated into the pipe system by commom flare unions. A PFA double diaphragm prevents contamination of the working medium. Only the PFA body and the PFA diaphragm are wetted parts. The pressure is transmitted by a monitor liquid (50 % DI water and 50% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) or 100 % Dl water).


  • C31 is especially suitable for pressure measurement of ultra high purity chemicals
  • All wetted parts are made from High Purity PFA
  • Pressure transmission by double diaphragm technology
  • Pressure transmitter can be rotated through 360°


  • Minimal deadleg
  • The proven GEMU CleanStar® technology is the basis of the transmitter
  • Working medium isolated from the transmitter by a patented PFA double diaphragm
  • Pressure transmitter can be positioned through 360° enabling individual user options