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GEMU 332, 334, 336 Pilot Solenoid Valve, Plastic


The directly controlled GEMU 3/2 way solenoid valve consists of a solenoid encapsulated in plastic and a plastic valve body.

A connector socket provides a connection to electrical supply. A manual override is integrated as standard.

GEMU 332: This variant is designed for battery mounting of up to 12 units (by using clips) depending on the devices to be controlled.

GEMU 334: For direct mounting to pneumatically operated valves or other devices (inlet and outlet arranged at an angle of 90°).

GEMU 336: Compact valve battery with aluminium distribution rail for mounting in switch gear cubicles or as a valve manifold near the pneumatic components to be controlled.


  • Suitable for the control of pneumatic equipment such as valves, cylinders or motors
  • Suitable for the control of commonly used inert compressed gases
  • Normally closed
  • ATEX marking: II 3 GD EEx nA II T3 T 150°C


  • Simple connection to industrial control systems due to its low power consumption
  • Hermetic separation of the working medium from the solenoid system
  • Solenoid replaceable without tools without interrupting the closed control air flow (dry system)
  • Accessories for GEMU 336:
  • -battery rails and blanking plates