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The Model 4400 spring loaded pressure relief vents are designed for higher pressure settings and are used in applications for normal or emergency venting pressure relief. The series 4400 vents are pressure only devices and as such do not provide vacuum relief. Vacuum relief must be supplied by the operating vent with which the tank is equipped. If vacuum relief is needed, see Valve Concepts, Inc., Technical Bulletin 3300, 3600, 4100, or the 4200.


Under normal operating conditions, the spring-loaded pallet assembly is closed providing a vapor-tight seal. In the event the tank pressure reaches the set point of the vent, due to product movement into the tank, thermal expansion of the product and vapors or due to an emergency (fire involvement of the tank), the spring-loaded pallet lifts to vent excess vapors thereby protecting the tank from dangerous over pressurization. Once the over pressure condition is relieved the spring-loaded pallet closes to provide a vapor tight seal.

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