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  • Nominal working angle: 90º, adjustable between 20º and 95º
  • Type of setting: continuous by means of self-locking cams and electromechanical limt-switches
  • Nominal working torque: from 35 to 240 Nm
  • Operation time (0° - 90°): see diagram
  • Service: S3 ED 50% in compliance with CEI 60043
  • Applicable regulations: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/CE
  • Enclosure: IP65 in compliance with EN60529
  • Working temperature: -25º +60ºC
  • Storage temperature: -40º +90ºC
  • Motor built-in auto-reset thermostatic protection
  • Motor with Class F insulation (155ºC)
  • Rotor supported by ball bearings
  • Connection for emergengy manual lever (hexagonal wrench in equipment)
  • External visual position indicator with graduated top
  • Space heater (standard)
  • IP65 connectors also available with pre-wired cable
  • No. 2 SPDT auxiliary electromechanical limit switches with gold contacts and cams adjustable all along the stroke
  • Maximum working noise: <70 dB
  • Supply voltage: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz ±10% monophase; 115 Vac
  • 50/60 Hz ±10% monophase; 24V ac/dc ±10%; 24V dc ±5%