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HQ series electric actuator is specially designed for quarter turn operating applications such as Ball, Butterfly, Plug valves, Dampers and similar usages.

- It's variation in wide range of output torque control options fit your specific requirement.

- HQ series electric actuator provides high reliability and performance for your automation plan.

- Compact and low weight due to high grade aluminum alloy for housing.

- High corrosion resistance due to hard anodizing on inside & outside and polyester coating onexternal surface

- Various output torque from 80Nm to 3000Nm

- Wide range of voltage available

- Self locking with minimum backlash in the transmission

- Rugged construction with o-ring system giving water and explosion-proof. (optional : explosion-proof/Eexd IIB T4, IP68)

- Handwheel for manual operation engaged by a manual/auto lever arranged for power preference.

- Easy mounting base standard to ISO5211

- Standard 4 limit switches. 2 for operation, 2 for extra (dry contacts)

- Torque switches (except for HQ-008)

- LED lamps on indicator monitoring valve position and operation (option)

- Space heater with thermostat for preventing overheat.

- Removable drive bushing with under hung for easy machining and tight connection.


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