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Our process line of ORP (REDOX) electrodes features a complete selection of our flat surface sensors as well as the more common projecting tips or bands.

Our flat surface solutions can save you time and money. Models are available for in-line, submersion, and wet-tap installations. Learn more about how our flat surface measuring technology can solve your ORP (REDOX) measuring problems and save you time and money.

Featured in this section are plastic body ORP (REDOX) electrode bodies constructed of epoxy.

Only high grade platinum is utilized for outstanding performance. Both rod and band technology are available.

Gold and silver are available as alternate sensing noble metals.

Double junction models are available for more demanding applications where they are required. Other models for low ionic samples, samples containing HF acid and highly aggressive samples, are available.

The Signet 2764-2767 Differential pH & ORP electrodes are built with the DryLoc® connector a Ryton® body and TeflonT reference junction to handle even the most extreme and harshest of chemical applications.These differential electrodes use field-proven 3-electrode differential technique: the pH and reference electrodes are measured against a ground electrode, ensuring a steady and stable signal.

The Signet 2760 pH/ORP Preamplifiers features the DryLoc® connector, providing a robust connection to Signet DryLoc® electrodes.The 2760 preamplifier allows any DryLoc® pH/ORP electrode to work with Signet ProcessPro® and ProPoint® pH/ORP instruments.

The Signet 2750 pH/ORP Sensor Electronics featuring the DryLoc® connector, provides a variety of functions to suit various requirements. The 2750 has a preamplified signal and features two different outputs: a twowire 4 to 20 mA loop output with EasyCal function or a digital (S3L) output which allows for longer cable lengths and is compatible with the Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller.

The Signet 2724-2726 pH and ORP Electrodes features a patented reference electrode design and uses the unique foul-proof patented DryLoc® connector. The large area PE reference junction and pathway is constructed to increase the total reference effectiveness and ensures long service life. The DryLoc connector with corrosion resistant gold plated contacts readily connects the sensor to the mating 2760 preamplifier or the 2750 sensor electronics.

Signet pH & ORP Electrodes provide unsurpassed simplicity, reliability and accuracy for a wide variety of industrial applications. Rugged CPVC construction, large reference volume and intelligent positioning of internal elements combine to extend the service-life of these dependable and highly responsive sensors. Flat versions allow sediment and particles to sweep past the measurement surface, minimizing risks of abrasion, breakage and coating.