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Automatización, Medición y Control


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Since technologies of the product have more and more advance, the products need comply with a requirement for more safe, convenient and low cost.


The capacitance level switch measuring principle is based on the "capacitance effects". When this level switch is set on a silo, it will form a condenser between the detector electrode and the silo wall. The capacitance of this condenser varies proportional to the change of material specific inductivity (DK value) of the material stored in the silo. When the material substances increased in the silo, the capacitance value added simultaneously, then it will let his interior circuit's resonant signal to create a


Simple theory as liquid buoyancy is utilized for the main principle of this "FF" series. A change of liquid level correspondingly travels the float to extreme levels up and down. The reed switch is thus "NC" and "NO" exchanged as well as the permanent magnet on pivot will have mutual repellence to the


The Float Level Switch is made of chemical resistant polypropylene. It is durable, low-cost, and specially designed to solve the long range, multi-points level detection in liquid and liquid with pump or granule instances.


  • FAC: Suitable for pump control
  • FAR/ P / D/ E: Suitable for pump control in waste weater with low Specific Gravity.
  • FAS: High temperature
  • Vibrating level switch

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