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HQ series electric actuator is specially designed for quarter turn operating applications such as Ball, Butterfly, Plug valves, Dampers and similar usages.

Small, light, compact and 0-320 turn design for small size valve automation.- HQ-006 Actuator is newly designed and invented for small size valve automation like ball, butterfl plug and even dampers.- Small, light and compact design, high torque and various control options will meet your specific requirements.

Electric Rotary Actuator for Quarter-Turn Valves


  • Nominal working angle: 90º, adjustable between 20º and 95º
  • Type of setting: continuous by means of self-locking cams and electromechanical limt-switches
  • Nominal working torque: from 35 to 240 Nm

  • Actuator ON-OFF; working angle 90° (100° Max.).
  • Service 50%
  • Maximum torque from 10 to 1960 Nm. (see the table)