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The Signet i-Go 8058 Signal Converter accepts any 4 to 20 mA signal and converts it into the Signet digital (S3L) format, the serial data format used by the Signet 8250, 8350, 8450 and 8900 instruments. When used with the 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller, the measurement type and operating range are defined in the 8900 setup menu.When used with level, temperature and pressure transmitters, the 8058 is configured at the factory to the user's specifications.

The 8059 External Relay Modules supplement the output capabilities of certain host instruments such as the 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller. AC-powered versions accept universal line voltage, and also provide 24 VDC output that can be used to power the host instrument or other device(s).

Signet 7300 Switching Power Supplies provide regulated output voltage in compact and lightweight plastic housings that can be DIN Rail or surface mounted. The series includes five different output capacities from 300 mA to 4.2 A (7.5W to 100W), all of which accept universal AC line voltage input and meet worldwide standards for performance and safety.

Georg Fischer Signet offers single channel intrinsic safety barriers for use with the 515, 525 and 2517 paddlewheel flow sensors. Both versions use a 1/2 inch wide housing which snaps directly to a 35 mm DIN rail. Once mounted, an electrical connection is formed between the barrier and the rail. The rail serves as the intrinsic safety ground bus when connected to the designated grounding point.

The new 3-0250 USB to Digital (S3L) Configuration / Diagnostic Tool interfaces with various digital sensors to allow users to select all parameters available for modification, monitor the sensor’s data on the PC/Laptop, or log the sensor’s data to a file. Multi-language software in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.