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The Signet pH buffers are ideal for many calibration requirements. The liquid solutions are conveniently packaged in one pint bottles; the powder pillows are packaged in low weight, single-use containers which can be mixed with water. All pH buffers are color coded for easy identification; 4.01 pH is red, 7.00 pH is yellow, and 10.00 pH is blue.

The Signet 2759 pH/ORP Simulator is a battery-powered millivolt generator that simulates pH values of 4, 7 and 10, plus ORP values of ±700 mV. This device is useful as a troubleshooting aid and for general verification of system operation. It is not a substitute for periodic system calibration with pH buffers or test solutions.

The Signet Conductivity/Resistivity Tools are available for certification or validation of electronics that are independent of the electrode. Because there are no available liquid standards for calibration in low conductivity and resistivity applications, these tools are ideal for various installations. All tools are built to conform to the ASTM D 1125-95 Standard (Standard Test Methods for Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity of Water), which is also commonly used for USP 24 applications.