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venteo de tanques-piloteadas


The Pilot Operated Model 5200 vent provides pressure and vacuum relief in applications that require vapors to be piped away.


Normal venting of low pressure storage tanks and overpressure protection of piping systems.


  • Pilot operated
  • Fail-open design
  • Uses standard o-rings
  • Full-bore design
  • Optional Air or N2 assist pilot for low settings



The Model 5400 is designed for use on atmospheric and low-pressure tanks to reduce environmental emissions and product losses, when operating close to the set point.


The Pilot Operated Model 5500 conservation pressure vent with pipe-away is intended for use where pressure relief is required and the relieving vapors must be piped away and not emitted into the atmosphere. May also be used for in-line vacuum relief.


The Model 5100 end-of-line conservation breather vent is intended for use on atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks where pressure and vacuum relief is required.