Controles y Válvulas S.A. de C.V.

Automatización, Medición y Control


The Model 5381 is a stainless steel pressure reducing regulator designed to handle small to mid-capacity flow rates in sanitary biotechnical process piping systems. This unit is capable of controlling outlet pressure to a level between 5 and 200 psig (.34 and 13.8 Barg).


The Model C-CS* is a 316L SST self-contained pressure reducing regulator designed primarily for steam control in sanitary biotechnological process piping systems. The unit is capable of controlling outlet pressure between 10-75 psig (.69-5.2 Barg) with a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psig (10.3 Barg).


The Model C-PRV* is a 316L SST self-contained pressure reducing regulator designed for liquid or gaseous fluids utilized in sanitary biotechnological process piping systems. The unit is capable of controlling outlet pressure between 2-125 psig (.14 - 8.6 Barg) with a maximum inlet pressure of 175 psig (12.1 Barg).