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The Marsh Bellofram Type 40 is a reliable adjustable air pressure regulator, designed for instrumentation and general purpose use. Test data for the Type 40 shows excellent performance characteristics in such areas as regulated pressure vs. flow, forward-to-reverse flow offset, supply pressure sensitivity, repeatability and stability, among others.

The Bellofram Type 51 Precision Air Regulator series offers a high-performance regulator in a compact, low cost package. It operates in output pressure ranges up to 100 psig / 6.9 BAR (120 psig / 8.3 BAR in T-51FR Corrosive Tec & T51FRWT), with a maximum supply pressure of 250 psi (17.3 BAR). Materials of construction for standard Type 51 Series Regulators: Diecast aluminum for the body and dripwell; glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester for the bonnet; acetal resin for the internals; BUNA-N for the diaphragm, gaskets and O-ring, fluorocarbon for the pintle seat, and aluminum for the drain valve (plated steel handle).